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Turtle Shortbread Cookies

Aloha friends!

As you all know from my Mille Feuille post, I joined the SCS Dairy Bakers’ Challenge, with the hope of making it to the 4-star challenge. I didn’t make it in but did have fun baking something every week (as if I needed an excuse to do so!). The 2-star challenge was based on Cookies. Prior to the third round, I think most of us contestants were kinda confused as to how we were being judged for every round. Hence, everyone kept trying to create exotic & special sort of things related to the theme so that we could really wow the judges.


I did a whole bunch of Googling & finally found a sort of cookie that I thought would be very unique & stand out from the rest. Turtle cookies! Mind you, this in no way means that I used Turtle to make these cookies. It just simply means that the cookies took on the cute little shape of turtles! It’s probably something similar to what you see on those designed macarons. Pretty and cute, although they taste no different than any other cookies.



Sheridan Mille Feuille

Hello folks!

Today I present you with a new sort of patisserie that I’ve never ever put up on my blog – Mille Feuille (or Napoleon).

Those of you familiar with what a pain it is to make. Those who don’t would know that it is layers of puff pastry sandwiched with delightful pastry cream. Now you’re wondering – this girl is on an internship – where does she find the time to even bake?

Mille Feuille

Well here’s the real reason behind why I got down to making this. SCS Dairy carried out a Star Bakers’ Challenge this year. Each week, they would release a new theme & you’d have to make something to carry on to the next round. For the last round, the theme was cakes. I’d thought of submitting one of my buttercakes with pretty frosting – then thought against it because it seemed to ordinary. So I thought about it further – a butter competition: shouldn’t they want me to use TONS of butter?

Puff pastry = butter = perfect.

The only problem was how difficult mille feuille it is to make. Firstly, our crazy hot weather in Singapore makes it near impossible to roll it out properly and secondly, I’d need a lot of time to get this done. So I did what I had to do and spent 12 midnight to 4am on my puff pastry. I was really proud of myself – I managed to get great puffs, okay-ish laminations & the end results was really delicious.