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Lesson 12: Entremets Passionata | Raspberry & Passionfruit


So we finally took a break from chocolate with this week’s cake – a lovely raspberry & passionfruit entremet. Even though I was really glad to get a break from chocolate for a while, I was wondering why this recipe had the exact same flavours as that of the tart we did in lesson 3. I guess passionfruit & raspberry pair well together?

Anyhoo, this cake is made up of a passionfruit cream, a raspberry mousse, coconut dacquoise biscuit, wrapped with a tie-dyed joconde biscuit & topped with raspberry gelee. The coconut dacquoise is probably my favourite dacquoise thus far. Yum yum in my tum tum!

We had Chef Verger for this practical again. It was nice to have to practice speaking French even though my French is really really bad haha. Shoutout to Charlie from Street French who I’ve been having classes with – really helped me with understanding what Chef was saying in prac + in communicating with him.

We had to work in pairs AND fours for this practical. Because we only need a 2-inch strip of tie-dyed joconde around the cake, one sheet was shared between four people. Mardi, Youjeong, Jianhua & I did this together, with Jianhua & I taking charge of the coloured part of it. Thank goodness we spread it quickly enough and we managed to retain colour differences (rather than everything combining together to be an orangey hue). This cake was definitely wayyy more manageable than last week’s *phew*.

Really love this cake – think I’ll attempt it again sometime when I’m home 🙂 Perhaps it’s because I love raspberry & passionfruit (I guess answering my question on why the school is repeating this pairing of flavours haha). To those who are back home, I’ll post it on Instag if I do!

Also, the sun is out more and we’re having much better weather. Super super happy bout that.

Got a huge backlog of posts to go though (this is supposed to be an end-Feb post haha) so stay tuned!!!



Lesson 3: Tarte Passion Framboises


Bonjour everyone!

For our third demo, chef covered 2 different tarts. The tarte passion framboises (passionfruit raspberry tart) & a chocolate cognac orange cream tart (can’t remember the exact name right now). I liked the taste of the passionfruit tart more so I was quite glad we were making that for our practical, rather than the chocolate one 🙂

We got Chef Soyoun for this practical again! Think the entire class was really happy to have her. Think the whole class is getting into the swing of things, getting familiar with one another and all. It’s a pretty quiet group but I think that’s good cos we can all concentrate on our work.

This class was my first foray into tempering chocolate and I must say it’s really quite tricky. I attempted the tabling method that Chef showed during the demonstration and… the clean-up for that is horrible :'( I was quite proud of myself though, for being able to get the chocolate to the temperatures as he’d described during the demo.


I’m not usually a tart person but this was really quite good! I don’t know if you noticed but the glaze on the top of my tart isn’t super smooth. I think the problem was that my glaze wasn’t warm/liquified enough. I believe this will be an issue even for entremets -getting the glaze warm enough but not too warm to be able to pour it.

The end of the practical marked the start of my weekend! Heading to Lyon to find Joyee & deliver some tart to her 😉

À bientôt!