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Pandan Coconut Macarons

Hello everyone! With the final weeks of school, everything has been getting really crazy. Deadlines for reports (individual and group), presentation preparations, studying for exams (which I still need to get started on), the list goes on & on.


This week, I finally got down to a macaron order from a dear friend from IJ. She’d asked me to make these Pandan Coconut macarons for her boyfriend, who adores pandan. This was my first macaron order and I was kinda nervous doing it. Firstly, you can never be sure about whether your macarons will turn out perfect (darn this Singapore heat). Secondly, if I did fail, I’d have to restart. Where was I going to find the time in midst of my crazy schedule? Well, I banked on the fact that the last time my macaron shells failed me was a year ago and went ahead with it.



Pillowy Pandan Chiffon Cake


School work has really been piling up. With it being the third last week of school, the number of assignments, projects, presentations and all sorts of miscellaneous stuff is endless.

In the midst of all this stress, baking is probably my only comfort. My friends find it weird that instead of spending my time studying or chasing my work, I’m instead, baking away in the kitchen. I wouldn’t say that baking isn’t time consuming. But really, it doesn’t take up that much time (especially when you have help to clean up hehehe). It’s a great stress reliever and while I don’t really eat much of the stuff I make (gasp!), feeding other people makes me feel really happy.DSC_0153 (more…)