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70% of Cocoa Goodness

Hi everyone!


As you all know, I was in Bangkok for the past 4-5 months doing my Student Exchange Programme at Chulalongkorn University. Well, my exchange is finally over & I’m now back in Singapore 🙂

Having not been with my oven for a super long time (well I did come back & bake but yknow, not having it there all the time makes it different), I jumped at the opportunity to make my favourite challenging macarons for Mothers’ Day.



Dark Chocolate Moelleux

DSC_0219Hello everyone! So I missed my weekly posting last week due to the fact that I’ve been overwhelmed with truckloads of work (schools’s ending so I’ve awesome lot of presentations & finals ’round the corner).

I made a post on my Facebook page that there’d be a 5-week hiatus and that I’d be back when exams are all over.

However, I’ve still got one recipe to feed your hungry eyes.

It’s one from Master Patissier, Eric Lanlard, the Cake Boy himself!


This was a work stint for PoachedMag and a really enjoyable hands-on class. Lanlard was supremely friendly & didn’t hesitate to help out anyone who needed help. Yes, we didn’t have any machines. So everyone had to cream their butter by hand. I think I was the only female in the class who could do it. Three cheers for LCB no machine training back in June ^^

So if you’d like to see how this was made, feel free to head down PoachedMag for the Dark Chocolate Moelleux recipe!