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Coconut Macaroons

Hello folks!

Today I’ll present you with an awesome macaroon recipe. Now, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t spell Macarons wrongly. These are Macaroons (two O’s). Many people often get confused between the two and I will be publishing a post soon to differentiate the two.


If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that me not having an oven has proven to be a huge problem. However, one of my lovely NUS friends, Joanna, whipped these up. While not made by me, I can guarantee the quality of these lovely bite sized treats. Joanna did the bake sale with me in December & from the pictures she has provided, it is no doubt that these coconut delights will melt in your mouth but yet, maintain a good crisp texture. Sounds something like a macaron but also, not quite.




Pandan Coconut Macarons

Hello everyone! With the final weeks of school, everything has been getting really crazy. Deadlines for reports (individual and group), presentation preparations, studying for exams (which I still need to get started on), the list goes on & on.


This week, I finally got down to a macaron order from a dear friend from IJ. She’d asked me to make these Pandan Coconut macarons for her boyfriend, who adores pandan. This was my first macaron order and I was kinda nervous doing it. Firstly, you can never be sure about whether your macarons will turn out perfect (darn this Singapore heat). Secondly, if I did fail, I’d have to restart. Where was I going to find the time in midst of my crazy schedule? Well, I banked on the fact that the last time my macaron shells failed me was a year ago and went ahead with it.