Hi everyone!

I’ve got some awesome news to share after not posting for a year – I’m back in Paris to complete the Intermediate Patisserie at the new Le Cordon Bleu campus, bringing me one step closer to my little pastry dream (huge huge thanks to my family for supporting this dream of mine!)

Sincere apologies for not maintaining this blog over the past year. It was a hectic 2016, being the last year of school at NUS, but I promise to try my best to update this space this year. I’m sure there will be many exciting moments that I’ll want to share about, so stay tuned!

This trip back to Paris and to LCB is different from my previous one in 2013 on many levels. Firstly, I am alone – staying on my own and totally responsible for myself. Secondly, the school has moved from the original campus to a revamped bigger one *cue unfamiliarity within practical rooms*. Finally, unlike the sweltering summer that I faced in 2013, the weather at this time of the year is chilly and icy. Overall, it’s a ton of differences but an adventure nonetheless!

I arrived two days before the orientation to get settled in to the apartment and orientate myself + try to get over jet-lag. Prior to the trip, I thought I’d settle in pretty quickly, especially given that I’d lived in Paris before. Boy was I in for a huge surprise! While I did go about doing my chores and getting all the necessities for living, I was overcome with a wave of loneliness and homesickness each time I returned to my apartment. It was completely different from my previous stay in 2013, where I had Jancy to go through all of it with me. Super grateful that we’re living in an age where technology is so advanced, allowing me to FaceTime, message & call loved ones back home 🙂

Thankfully for those I’d been bothering with my incessant calls and messages, my mood improved tremendously on orientation day. I made some new friends and the warmth and familiarity of the LCB that I love and hold dear from 2013 came flooding back.

Well, here’s the end of my long-winded post about how baby-ish and emotional I got upon arriving in Paris. The future posts will definitely be much more positive & happy! (+ filled with caloric heavy pictures)

Till the next time!