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Cupcakes in all shapes & sizes!

Blueberry Chocolate Muffins

Hi everyone!

As you all know, I’m currently on my exchange in Bangkok, without an oven. As such, I haven’t really been updating this space as much as I’d have liked.


Ever since coming here, I’ve been on the hunt for an oven. The search was crazy. No one I knew had one and if they did, it just wouldn’t have been convenient for me to go over. I was really lucky this time cos Inez (one of my NUS girls) had a friend she made while she was on exchange in Taiwan, from Chula. Jenny was super sweet & invited me to stay-over at her place & to bake.

The funny thing was that no one had ever used the oven in her house. I was the first person to use it, to figure out how to operate it, and so on and so forth. Also, because no one bakes, there was no KitchenAid for me to use. Everything had to be done by hand.



Red Velvet Cupcakes

A little while back, I teamed up with The Meatmen to produce some exclusive videos for SCS Dairy.


The first video on Red Velvet cupcakes is up so do have a watch.

Red Velvet cake/cupcakes became all the rage about 2 years back, with people being extremely attracted to the bright hues of the cake. Red Velvet, as the name suggests, is supposed to taste so smooth, very much like velvet. I’ve tried countless of Red Velvet cakes in the past two years and I have to say that very few places actually maintain this standard of a silky smooth cake with just a tinge of cocoa. This recipe is definitely one that will give you a perfect cake that is red enough and soft enough. What really cuts it, however, is that luscious cream cheese frosting. I’m not a fan of cream cheese but I can’t stand it when I go to cake shops/cafes and notice that the carrot cake or red velvet cake is accompanied with a really stingy amount of cream cheese. I mean, come on! It is that thick slab of cream cheese goodness that actually makes people like the cake so much. (Trust me, my sister can eat the red velvet cake without eating the cake itself)

Do enjoy the video & head over to SCS Dairy for the full recipe 🙂

Much love,

Image Credit: Junjie, The Meatmen


Thai Iced Tea Cupcakes


When people identify/greet me overseas, it’s never ‘Konichiwa’, ‘Ni hao’, the usual greetings that chinese people get. Instead, I get starred at for a while, before a ‘Where are you from!’ follows, and then a string of SEAsian countries ‘Vietnam! Thailand! Laos! Cambodia! Philippines?’. I always reply, disappointing them, that I am actually Chinese and from Singapore.

While I may not be Thai, that hasn’t stopped me from loving Thai food, drinks and desserts. A staple for me whenever I have Thai food, is definitely the scrumptious Thai Iced Milk Tea. All the spices mixed together with the tea, and the beautiful sweetness that is just a little too sweet, but yet so perfect, all come together to make this marvellous drink.



And that’s where I drew inspiration for these Thai Iced Tea cupcakes.